28 AUGUST 2012
10 AM

This book “Yasmin how you know?” is about Yasmin Ahmad.

Yasmin Ahmad the copywriter. The film director. The creative director.
Yasmin the Cannes Gold winner. Yasmin the good friend. The lovely colleague.
Yasmin, the best boss one could ever have. Yasmin the subordinate.
Yasmin the working partner. Yasmin the devout Muslim.
Yasmin the beloved sister, cousin and auntie. Yasmin the devoted daughter.

But how did Yasmin describe herself? She called herself “Yasmin the Storyteller”.
Likewise, this book is a collection of stories that the storyteller herself told
her family and friends. Her life and friendship was a series of
beautiful stories to help strengthen our faith in God, and in each other.
Stories that help us forgive. Stories to make us laugh. Stories to teach us
some useful things about life and love.

But bear in mind, this book is not a memoir. And definitely not a biography.
All profits from the sales of this book are pledged to Mercy Malaysia,
Yasmin’s favourite charity.

On Yasmin’s “Muallaf” movie poster, the headline reads:
"It is in forgiving that we are forgiven". As we launch this book,
we ask forgiveness for all shortcomings.
And may we all continue praying for Yasmin.